Friendly Sea Spray Resort in Sarasota. What is this resort for?

When we arriwed at the Sea Spray Resort ( we were very happy with the hotel. It was clean and had great ammenities, free internet, cable, iron etc. The staff was friendly and gave us a room with a mini fridge since we were staying for six days. We noticed that the luggage carts were everywere but at the front entrance. The beds were pretty old & in need of replacement, but weren’t uncomfortable. We didn’t have any “do not disturb” signs to put on the door handle & the bathtub drain was very, very slow. Pool was a comfortable temp, as was the whirlpool, but both were always crowded (not the hotel’s fault, obviously!) Breakfast was good, but on one morning, a breaker apparently tripped & one of the waffle makers & a toaster were unusable for awhile. Complimentary cookies at the front entrance in the evening was a nice touch, he shower worked well, nice hot water. Some extra facilities of Sea Spray Resort are listed on However one thing I will say is that they share the free parking lot with IHOP. It was often hard to find a parking spot because we could only park in designated hotel spots. However, we always found parking. There is also a bit of room to park in the basement level but it was always packed and it only fit like 20 cars. A/C was the old-style wall-mounted unit, that didn’t perform too well on the low setting. There was a sightseeing coupon book in the hotel pamphlets which was nice.We didn’t bother trying the high setting because we didn’t want to freeze during the night (if it worked as it should). Woke up one morning at 7 a.m. to hear a dog barking two floors below us. That was a bit obnoxious! All-in-all, not a bad stay, but not the greatest for the price. Exterior was very nice! I found some positive reviews of the visitors at
Additionally, Sea Spray Resort was not far at all from the airport and we had easy access to the freeway because it was close. So it is a good place for family juorney.

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