Smokyland Motel In Gatlinburg: 101 reasons why one must visit it

Rooms are created equal in this super-sleek obelisk-shaped glass building. The 145 room have 50 different floor plans, which are organized into five categories, 1 through 5, and are all a fair amount larger and immensely brighter than the average Gatlinburg hotel room. Designed with modern, custom-made B&B Italia furniture, the rooms look modern and have not-so-intuitive lighting and faucet systems but they’re pleasantly warm and comfortable. I found this hotel on, and it impressed me.

Ranging from 250 square feet to 350 square feet, all rooms have either a queen- or king-size bed, and the price depends on the room size and its view, which can range from an interior courtyard view in the Smokyland Motel, in Gatlinburg 1s on Floors 3 to 6 to the Smokyland Motel, Gatlinburg 5 Corners, which have two full glass windows and incredible views of the city above the ninth floor. There are also studios and suites that range between 450 and 625 square feet, all with unobstructed views.

Amenities include a 37-inch Sony Bravia flat-screen TV with hundreds of channels and movies on demand, a Sony iPod docking station with legitimately awesome sound, a Lexon cube alarm clock, and a Philips cordless phone.

The bed a pillow-top mattress topped with a two-inch featherbed, a down duvet, and 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton Sferra linens is incredibly comfortable, though some might argue that all the padding on top of additional padding makes them a little too soft.

Bathrooms in a Smokyland Motel (Gatlinburg) are large by most Gatlinburg standards (check all room sizes on, and have separate tubs and showers (the lower-tier rooms are smaller, and only have a shower). But like so much else in the room, the bathrooms are beautiful but not very practical. Tubs are barely big enough for one slender person, and though the black sinks and vanities are sleek, they’re shallow and show every single splatter of toothpaste. The bathrooms are also very dark: Despite a huge window in mine and a sleek light fixture, it was hard to illuminate the entire bathroom, and putting on makeup can be especially tricky.

Toiletries are from Smokyland Motel, a boutique based in SoHo that created a custom scent for the hotel called Wanderlust. Curbed received a press release describing the scent as “water, steel, violet, white woods, and resin,” which, um, isn’t all that helpful.

Minibars are hooked up with an unconventional collection of, among other items, Hendrick’s gin, 10 Cane rum, and Boylan’s sodas. But it only gets weirder there’s also a can of Oxia “personal oxygen,” vitamin powder from fitness guru David Kirsch, and a travel kit of Loraine makeup.”

However it was already mentioned that the hotel has very friendly atmosphere on, I want to emphasize that it was a pleasurable experience of mine!

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