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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Techniques

This Two Day Interactive workshop will give you the tools you need!

Techniques and proven methodologies for QA/Test Teams, Development Professionals, Engineers and Managers

This fast-paced interactive program will offer you the information, resources and methodology you need to implement in your own organization to develop a structured testing process that works for you.

This course is recommended for:

You will learn to: Course Outline
  1. Quality Concepts & Principles
  2. Developing Test Cases
  3. Test Planning
  4. Test Execution and Management
  5. Unit & Integration Testing
  6. System & Acceptance Testing
  7. Testing Modifications
  8. Organization, Cooperation and Personnel Issues
  9. Environmental Testing
  10. Automated Testing
  11. An Introduction to Web-Based Testing

Developing & Confirming Effective Business Requirements

Plan and Manage the Software Development life cycle more effectively. Prevent errors, manage creeping scope, and increase customer satisfaction.

Proven Processes for Development, Delivery and Support

You may have the best design and development team in the world, but if your business requirements are vague, incorrect, or simply incomplete, you will end up with problems. Those problems will cost you time and money to correct. The process of gathering a quality set of business requirements often does not keep pace with the needs of today's users. Many products fail at the customer site and cost many hours and dollars to correct and maintain. A lack of understanding users´┐Ż needs, a lack of input from key personnel, and failure to implement the product in the user's environment costs companies money-and clients. Improving the process from the beginning could prevent much of this cost and risk. This two-day course will help you identify and improve your process of software product development, delivery and support.

Gather Clear and Concise Business Requirements Before the Project Starts

In this workshop you will discover how to better understand your users' needs, not their wants. You will learn how to overcome semantic obstacles and how to better use the resources you have available. Identifying and involving key personnel and knowing where and when they are important to a project is critical, and we'll examine the crucial steps you need to take to make this happen. You'll also learn how to apply new methodologies to create a solid strategy for gathering clear and concise business requirements prior to the start of project design.

Benefits of Attending

Course Outline
  1. Why You Need Good Business Requirements
  2. How to Extract Good Business Requirements From Specifications
  3. Sources of Information
  4. Gathering Information
  5. Analyzing Information
  6. Use Cases
  7. Company Buy-In
  8. Measuring Progress
  9. Putting it All Together to Improve Productivity

Testing Web Services and E-Commerce Applications

Critical Skills for Testing Internet, Intranet, Web-Based, and E-Business Applications!

"I am going away knowing much, much more than when I arrived - and it is all applicable and valuable." - Manager, Systems Auditing, Baxter Healthcare

This two-day program will take you well beyond the basics. You will address critical testing issues and find solutions for your important questions regarding Web applications quality including how to test compatibility, performance, scalability, robustness, usability, security and operational effectiveness. If you are involved in the design, operation or functionality of a web site or any application, this course is a must.

This course will benefit

Course Description

Placing a new system in live operation or modifying an existing one can often lead to unwanted surprises. With incompatible browsers, new tools, rapidly changing technologies and uncooperative web sites, the end result of your hard work can be a guessing game.

This course will help you minimize the risks - whether launching a new application, or an entire web site. This course will help increase your comfort level by providing you with a thorough understanding of how to test the basic controls, content, navigability, and features of your web site or e-commerce application - in a workable, real-world environment.

We also go beyond the basics and discuss the "ilities" - multiple dimensions of web quality - such as how to check compatibility, performance, scalability, robustness, usability, interoperability, and operational effectiveness.

This information-packed course will expose you to ideas and techniques that you can incorporate immediately - all offered to help you streamline every aspect of your testing process, assuring on-time delivery with a solid product

Key Benefits of Attending:

Course Outline
  1. Overview of Web-Based Application Testing
  2. Basic Web Site Testing Techniques
  3. Testing in an Iterative, Rapid-Application Development World
  4. Establishing and Managing the Web-Based Test Lab
  5. Compatibility Testing
  6. Performance, Load and Stress Testing
  7. Robustness Testing
  8. Usability and Interaction Testing
  9. Maintainability
  10. Integration Testing
  11. Database Testing
  12. Security Controls Testing
  13. Automated Tools for Web-Based Testing
  14. Monitoring Service Levels in Live Operation

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