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Apply Software Testing Effectively

This four-day workshop addresses many critical activities that must be performed by individuals or testing organizations involved in software testing today. Participants in this workshop will be able to plan their testing activity, know what role they can play in the development cycle to increase the effectiveness of the testing effort, know what testing methods they can use to achieve the greatest benefit, know what needs to be done to implement automated testing, know what metrics to use to show that the testing effort is meeting objectives, know how they can show the cost benefit tradeoff, know how they can do effective inspections and reviews, know how they can apply a structured approach to testing involving white box and black box techniques, know how to establish a set of criteria for software testing, and know what options they have when performing system integration testing and doing system testing. The workshop demonstrates that testing must be an integral part of every activity associated with software development. This workshop is a blend of theory, application, and class exercises to reinforce the learning process.

This workshop demonstrates that testing must be an integral part of every activity in software development. Participants are encouraged to bring their own examples for discussion in class. Topics discussed include the economics of testing, testing requirements, key elements of the inspection process, black box and white box testing, system integration testing, regression testing, and real-time system testing.

Effective testing, inspections, and reviews can shorten the entire development cycle and reduce costs significantly. This can be the difference between the project being successful and the project being cancelled. It is possible for the return on investment during the early phases to be in the neighborhood of 200 to 1. Also, the number of defects reaching the customer can be reduced by approximately a factor of ten with good testing discipline applied throughout the development cycle. This reduces both the cost to the customer and the maintenance cost to the vendor.

Entry added November 21, 1998.
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