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Testing Object-Oriented Systems

This 3-day instructor-lead seminar presents a new and unique approach to developing high-quality, reusable object-oriented systems. It has been well-received at leading OO shops as well as US and international audiences.

Participants learn specific techniques to design test cases from object-oriented specifications and programs. It addresses special testing problems resulting from inheritance, polymorphism, and dynamic binding. It shows how to develop test cases from popular object-oriented analysis and design techniques including Booch, OMT, and Coad-Yourdon. The course shows how to test programs written in any object-oriented language, including C++, Eiffel, or Smalltalk. The course conforms to the IEEE standards for software testing.

The course begins by defining the issues in testing object-oriented software. The motivation for testing is developed. Many white-box and black-box techniques for developing test cases are presented. The use of assertions and other techniques for built-in-test are discussed. All levels of testing are covered, including unit, integration, performance, and system test. Participants learn practical skills in small group workshops.

The FREE (Flattened Regular Expression) testing methodology is presented. FREE provides an integrated, state-based approach to unit, integration, and system test. Software tools, test metrics, and considerations for managing the testing process are covered. A presentation of comprehensive approach to object-oriented design-for-testability (DFT) concludes the course.

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