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Rapid Software Testing

Taught by James Bach, this 3-day, hands-on class is all about testing quickly while being accountable for your work. The class is designed for the serious student of testing. It incorporates ideas from many different disciplines. The entire mission of our class is to help train your mind so that you can confidently test anything, under any circumstances, such that your work is valuable and stands up to scrutiny.

Black-Box Software Testing

Taught by Cem Kaner with assistance from James Bach, this class is the quintessential introduction to the practical art of black box software testing. This class is available only one time and in one place during 2001. Cem is the author of the bestselling book on software testing. Come hear about it from the horses mouth.

Bug Hunting

Taught by Elisabeth Hendrickson, Bug Hunting is a 3-day intense experiential workshop in which you'll learn new testing techniques and apply those techniques to real software. It's different from the Rapid Software Testing and Black Box Testing classes in that it focuses exclusively on how to find and report important problems fast. Want specific techniques? This class is all techniques. Let's face it, we testers are most often measured by the problems we find. So, find lots. Take this class.

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