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Our standard courses:

Software Testing Techniques and Methods For user acceptance, systems integration, functional and unit level testing, test case design, planning and execution techniques.

Document Review Preparation Techniques Combines lecture and with a case study workshop for requirements, design and code.

User Acceptance Testing Methods Focus on the roles and responsibilities of the user as a tester.

Customizable Topics:

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The Instructor

Karen Bishop-Stone has taught seminars on Software Testing and Quality Assurance Management internationally since 1980 and is a national conference lecturer on software life cycle testing methodologies. She has recently managed testing in eleven states for a large, complex, federally mandated program and has assisted several major corporations with their software quality guidelines. Ms. Bishop-Stone has been certified as a Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) with the American Society of Quality and as a Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) with the Quality Assurance Institute. Ms. Bishop-Stone is the principal owner of TESTWARE ASSOCIATES, INC., a firm dedicated to the independent testing and quality management of software

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