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Practical Software Testing

The job of a tester is to test and report. Learn the foundation skills that every tester needs:

1. How to test
2. How to communicate defects (bugs) and use the bug database
3. How to report results (verbally and in writing)

It's also important to know where you, the tester, fit into the organization, what everyone else is doing and how the project lifecycle works. You'll learn that plus some tips for talking with engineers, participating in meetings and, of course, how to get the job!

More Software Testing

Elevate your QA I.Q. This class takes your basic testing skills to the next level. You'll learn how to translate your testing knowledge into formal test cases and how to review project documents to get testing clues. What's the code doing anyway? Now, you'll see how applications are built and get hands-on experience with test tools such as code coverage and automation.

Managing Test Teams

Writing a Test Plan; Schedule; Budget; Hire a Team; Manage the Team; and Write Test Reports´┐ŻThese are some of the practical skills you will learn and practice in this class. We begin by evaluating your test team. Throughout the class, you'll learn test methodology and the consequences of not implementing certain components. Along the way, you'll compare what you've learned to your initial team evaluation and end the class with an assessment and an action plan.

Entry updated July 27, 2005
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