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I offer two courses in black box software testing and one course on the law of software quality. These are sometimes offered as courses to the general public (for example, at UC Berkeley Extension) but I usually teach them onsite to groups of 8 to 25 students.

The COURSE NOTES include slides from my pro bono short course on proposed software changes to the Uniform Commercial Code.

Black Box Software Testing

I've taught this course all over the continent. The course is based on my book, Testing Computer Software, with several updates that will eventually appear in the book's next edition. The course works well for testers at different levels. This is a thorough introduction to systematic, efficient, market-driven black box software testing.

Software Testing 101

This is a one-day class on black box testing. It's meant as a survival guide for new testers, including testers who've come into your company on a contract basis. The course is direct and practical. It teaches staff how to report bugs, how to analyze and reproduce bugs, and how to use test planning materials, such as test matrices.

COURSE NOTES on Software Quality and UCC 2B

Every few months, on a pro bono (for the public good, at no charge) basis, I teach a course on the proposed changes (Article 2B) to the Uniform Commercial Code. The typical seminar runs 2-4 hours and includes background information on the law of software quality, to provide a context for the changes proposed in Article 2B. For example, in 1997, I taught a one-day class to prepare engineers for the Article 2B Drafting Committee meeting in Northern California; I presented a 2-hour seminar to the Santa Clara County Bar Association; I'm teaching a half-day tutorial at Quality Week, 1997. There's a limit to the number of times I can afford to teach this material. So here are my course notes from the Quality Week seminar, which I hope that you will find educational. I will also soon post the text of several of the court cases cited in those notes.

The Law of Software Quality

This course looks at several legal grounds for lawsuits against software publishers. Companies are sued for making or selling products that injure people, damage property, don't work as advertised, or infuriate people for some other reason. Software-related lawsuits are becoming more frequent. During the next five years they will become much more common. This seminar could help protect your business from a devastating lawsuit.

We will explore several areas of law as they relate to software quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Among these areas are contracts and warranties, negligence (personal injury, property damage, malpractice), fraud, misrepresentation and unfair business practices. The seminar should be of interest to executives and staff in marketing, engineering, quality assurance and technical support departments.

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