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Applied Testing Technologies for Test Engineers

The job of a senior test engineer is one that has been forgotten in the mad rush to get any testers with experience into a test-lead role. A senior test engineer is the knowledgeable craftsman, the experienced test strategist, and often the translator to the test team of program architecture and design. This two-day hands-on course is designed to give test engineers useful techniques and applications of technologies that enable them to test earlier, with better focus, and more astutely. The techniques and knowledge presented in this class will help test teams get more testing done, and most importantly, get the right testing done at the right time.

Effective Test Case Design and Management

This 2-day hands-on course offers an intensive workshop in a wide variety of testing methods and test case development strategies. This course is designed for those who already have a solid understanding of software quality and testing.

Many testers and test leads dread the demand for documenting their work even as more groups move to use test management tools. Also, for better efficiency and test coverage we must be armed with a wider variety of methodologies and approaches than only requirements-based testing.

This course provides thorough hands-on examples, practical, state-of-the art methods for effective software testing and test communication through the complete software development lifecycle. It also includes best practices for documenting test cases for Automation.

You will learn how to create useful test matrices, models, decision tables, as well as how to move from spreadsheets and matrices to test case management (TCM) tools.

Action Based Testing Automation Fundamentals

The integration of test automation with traditional testing and new test methodologies is always challenging. This one-day skills-oriented course guides you through many of the issues involved in implementing a well-integrated test automation program.

This class covers the development and organization of testing as it relates to test automation. Topics of discussion include test strategy, test management, and test automation, as well as specific application examples such as embedded software, infrastructure, and telecommunication. The practices explored have been fine-tuned through years of hands-on experience. The program provides demonstrations and exercises to help you apply the presented concepts. The material is based on the Action Based Testing� (ABT) methodology, which was originally developed in 1994 and is recognized as one of the most powerful approaches to testing and test automation.

Scripting for Test Engineers

Programming is a powerful skill, enabling test engineers to create practical and reusable scripts to automate testing and test-related tasks. Using scripts, a tester can create tests that run exactly the same each time, and test via different interfaces such as the command line and APIs. Simple scripts can be used to automate repetitive tasks such as setting up your application for testing, restoring a system to its base state, and running database queries. This one-day hands-on course will teach you the fundamentals of using the Windows and UNIX command line interfaces, and then discusses how multiple commands can be grouped together into batch files and shell scripts. You will use full-featured scripting languages such as perl and VBScript to create scripts for more complex testing-specific tasks. The course will introduce programming concepts such as using variables and constants, control flow, and logical statements. It will offer hands-on exercises to help you master the concepts and learn how to apply them to real-world testing situations. This course serves as a strong foundation for learning the scripting languages used in commercial test automation tools such as WinRunner, SilkTest, Robot, and others.

Automation Engineering

This one-day course is designed to give test automation professionals real solutions to common implementation problems from Automation in the field, which is very different than Automation in theory. LogiGear has developed this course through our own experiences in implementing automation solutions or salvaging failing automation programs.

Our instructors are also our test automation consultants. They will walk you through the common challenges and problems our clients experienced and show you ways to avoid them through traditional test automation scripting to more esoteric action word, or keyword driven automation solutions. LogiGear will use case studies to help clarify and enforce key automation concepts.

Test Automation with WinRunner

This comprehensive, 3-day, hands-on course teaches test engineers how to successfully implement and use WinRunner for test automation programs. This course teaches the fundamentals of creating automated tests using WinRunner. Students learn to greatly improve their WinRunner test scripts with programming, exception handling and custom control testing techniques. Knowledge learned can be applied to the testing of any GUI application, including stand-alone, client/server, and web-based applications.

Test Automation Planning and Implementation

Automation tools can greatly reduce test time when implemented correctly. They can also become shelf-ware due to frustration and non-use. In this one-day course, we focus on test automation as a software development project to be planned, budgeted, staffed, and managed for real-world software development projects. We take you through the process of choosing the right tool for your team and application, planning and managing the project, identify common pitfalls and how to avoid them through best practices and measuring results. This class will provide a better understanding of important topics necessary for success in automation engineering organizations. From determining the best automation strategy, to writing the best tests to automate, to managing and roles and responsibilities in automation, we'll walk you through the process and best practices of test automation.

Web and Software Application Security Testing

Security issues are among the highest concerns to many organizations. Despite this fact, security testing is often the least understood and least defined task. Security testing is a broad effort that requires a domain of expertise beyond traditional software testing. In particular, application software security testing is very different from software functionality testing.

This two-day course teaches you security issues; outlines how software-testing roles fit in the big picture; and gives you effective techniques that help you seek out application security vulnerabilities. The course focuses on security-related testing as it is applied to testing Web sites, Web applications, and software applications. This course is ideal for software testing professionals who are facing the new challenges and responsibilities of determining the scope of security testing to be done at the application level; then having to construct the plan and carry out the testing. It starts with an overview of security concepts including common vulnerabilities and hacking techniques used against Web sites and applications. Then it discusses test strategy and planning; follows by instructions on how to design powerful tests to expose security errors. It closes with discussions on how to apply the testing techniques to your own testing projects. You will come away with a clear understanding of testing for software security, and many testing techniques, tools and resources that can be can use immediately.

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