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Let's Test

This is an introductory level course designed for prospective testers with little experience. In this one-day course, students learn the principles of quality assurance and methodologies of software testing. The lecture portion of the course is followed-up with practicing initial and regression testing on a computer.

Ready, Set, Test!

This is an intermediate level course that assumes some familiarity with software testing and quality assurance concepts. In this two-day course, students learn the concepts of test plans, test cases and 'Best Practices'. Upon completion of the lecture, students actually create a test plan and write test cases using templates provided by Software SETT.

Software Test Management

This is an advanced level course designed for test leads and managers who will be overseeing quality assurance and testing. In this one-day course, students will be presented with an overview of the quality and testing processes as they relate to software development and deployment. Students will review test planning, writing test cases, and test preparation. Concepts of test control, test management, and test conclusion will be discussed. Upon completion of the lecture, students will break into groups and work on problem resolution under what/if scenarios based on the sample test plan.

Entry added October 12, 1998.
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