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Six week Practitioner's Course on Software Test Engineering Become a well-rounded test engineer, not just know tools! Software testing is serious business. Software testing is an integral part of software development. This runs parallel with the development activity to ensure that the product released is of highest quality. Testing software is not an ad-hoc process. There is science and engineering behind testing techniques. Mere knowledge of test tools is not enough because testing is not just automation. A good test engineer must have a strong theoretical foundation in the science and engineering of testing and, in addition, have a comprehensive understanding of various tools. Test engineering techniques help you create an efficient test plan, design effective test cases, measure quality, build robust automation, and setup a pragmatic process.

You need a strong foundation in test engineering before you learn tools. We conduct a 6-week vocational course called PCSTE (Practitioner's Course in Software Test Engineering) at our locations in Chennai and Bangalore to groom the finest test engineers. We have groomed 700 students over the 40+ courses in the last two years and have groomed 2500 people in the last five years. At the end of Six weeks you will have a solid foundation in test engineering that allows you to:

> Understand and apply black-box & white-box techniques
> Design, document, execute test scenarios/cases
> Write defects clearly & understand how to analyze defects
> Understand the test process, test lifecycle and people roles
> Report test progress, results effectively
> Have a good exposure to test tools and automation

Entry updated July 3, 2006
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