Testing FAQs.org Privacy Policy

The testingfaqs.org web site allows viewers to subscribe their email address to an electronic mailing list that will periodically be used to send messages about changes to the content on the site. The site maintainers will not add someone to the mailing list without their permission.

The maintainers want you to feel comfortable taking advantage of this resource. We will not sell your email address. We will not use your email address for commercial marketing purposes, except that messages to the list may contain brief information about the testingfaqs.org sponsors. Subscribers will not be able to view the addresses of other subscribers. Only the maintainers are authorized to send mail to the mailing list.

This site does not currently use cookies. The site links to many other sites that are not within the testingfaqs.org domain. Each of these sites has their own independent privacy policies that cannot be controlled by testingfaqs.org.

If someone has added your address without your permission, you may use the form on the testingfaqs.org index page to remove it. For assistance, send mail to .

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Modified 19 February 2002